Purposes of shot blasting and the industries

Shot Blasting

piles of glass bead abrasivesShotblasting is a method which is mainly used for cleaning, strengthening or polishing metals. The shotblasting process is also used in specific areas such as : automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding rails. In shot blasting, there are two technologies used: air blasting and wheel blasting. In fact, it is a process in which the shots are thrown at very high velocity on the surface which is supposed to be cleaned. With the glass bead abrasive blasting the metal part, it is cleaned without etching of the surface.

Applications of shot blasting

Before the machine operation, the heat scales are developed during the treatment process. In addition to that, the scales are removed by the shot blasting procedure. When you want to do the mass cleaning by using the shot blasting method, the thumb last machine is usually preferred. The following are the major applications of the shot blasting techniques:

Used in table type machine

The table type machine is mainly designed for heavy components. Moreover, the machine is designed in such a way that the load carrying capabilities as well as the size of the job. The shot blasting technique is applied in these machines for cleaning heavy, intricate and hangs able forgings. The portion of casting and forging is cleaned by this manually operated device by use of a blasting nozzle, and the plastic nozzle is directed on the surface to be cleaned.

Utilized in the shot peening operation

Currently, the forgings and casting are mainly subjected to the shot peening process. The machine is a device in such a way that it uses a cold working process under which the shots are impacted at a very high velocity on the surface. This will result in the transfer of energy. Consequently, it generates a general stress on the surface leading to an increase in the hardness of the components which leads to increase in the fatigue’s life. Like the table type machine, the shot peening operation utilizes the shot elastic cleaning process. Moreover, the velocity of the slots, hardness of the shots and the velocity of the shots are recorded in the machine.


The above are two major uses of shot blasting. Therefore, it is recommended that the shot blasting process should be utilized. apart from the applications mentioned, the glass bead abrasive blasting process is also used for casting of the stainless fabrication.